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Lengthen Lance for Easy Bar Spray Applicator

Introducing the latest innovation from Easy Bar Inc.

Lengthen Lance

  • Lengthen Lance to remove oiler from heat
  • Attaches to air-operated grease pump system
  • Apply-with-Precision Spray Pattern. Enhance Accuracy
  • Designed specifically for Easy Bar SP (Fully Compatible)

The Lengthen Lance has an ergonomic handle with molded grip for maneuverability for support and optimum control, a quarter-turn ball valve that controls air flow to the spray nozzle, and the spray nozzle creates a “fan” spray pattern to apply Easy Bar® SP with precision and quantity control.

With the Lengthen Lance you can apply lubricant evenly for superior coating and it has a pulse application feature for target-specific lubrication.

Applies Lubricant Evenly for Superior


Pulse Application for Target-Specific

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